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Costa Rica SL28 / 12oz

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Country: CostaRica
Poas, Central Valley
Altitude: 1,500 MASL
Processing: Anaerobic
Tasting Notes: Blueberries, Cacao Nib, Red Velvet Cake


Description: The Chacón Solano Family has been growing coffee in the area for over 80 years and for three generations. The current generation, headed by Oscar and Francisca Chacón, The family strives not only to farm in an environmentally and socially responsible way, but also to produce coffee of the highest quality. They are innovative with regards to processing and were one of the early innovators in Costa Rica with regards to perfecting different honey and natural methods of processing. Their micro-mill is a state of the art facility with an on-site cupping room where they are able to evaluate the quality of their own coffees, not something that most farmers have the ability to do.

The distinction “Black Diamond” is a badge of honor given by the Chacón Solano Family to only the best lots produced that year. This is - without question - among the best Costa Rican coffees we’ve ever cupped, it is refined and dynamic with big tropical fruit notes, and the cup is a journey as it cools. We cannot express enough how vibrantly we get notes of Pomegranate (or Grenadine, a syrup made from the fruit), Tangerine, Lime Cordial, and Milk Chocolate. The coffee, especially as it cools, has an overall resemblance to a refreshing tiki cocktail.

Costa Rica SL28 / 12oz

Costa Rica SL28 / 12oz