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Wholesale Partnership

  • How do I order coffee for my business?

    We are going to make that easy on you. All you need to do will be to sign in to your wholesale account through our shopify store. Once you’re in, just add the coffee you want to your cart and check out. We can set up recurring orders for you if you’d prefer not to think about it. Also, the prices will already be set for your wholesale rate.
  • What coffees will always be there?

    We will always have our 10th Street blend and French roast available. Since coffee is seasonal, the components of those offering will change occasionally, but we put a ton of effort into finding the right coffees to replace those components we run out of so the flavor profile stays consistent. The single origin coffees will rotate consistently throughout the year; we don’t want to sit on coffee too long and have it getting old on us.
  • How long will it take to get my coffee?

    Shipping estimates from our roastery in Los Angeles to your business can be found at the USPS website. Currently, we use Priority-Mail offered by USPS for all shipments and you can typically expect the coffee delivered within 1-3 days after being sent out, depending on destination. You will have the option to select more expedited shipping options if you choose.
  • Payment Options?

    We accept most payment options. Major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB International. E-payments: Google Pay, Venmo Wallet, Apple Pay, Shopify Pay, Paypal.
  • What if I need to cancel my order?

    As long as you contact us before we ship your coffee we will adjust our production schedule to accommodate your order’s change. Typically, we will ship orders out on Tuesday, but we can be flexible if you communicate your needs to us.
  • Do you provide education?

    Yes! We can provide all the education you will need to get your team knowledgeable and passionate about coffee. We have plenty of enthusiasts on our team who can help you through any questions and/or training you may need. Since we are a small company, we can only realistically offer direct education to local accounts (the Los Angeles area), but we could always speak over email, the phone, or text back and forth.
  • Shipping options?

    Currently, all packages go through USPS, but we could set up an account with other courier services if they are necessary.
  • What are your Prices?

    Our prices are fair and competitive for the specialty coffee industry. Once you have provided the necessary information to create a wholesale account on our website, the online store will reflect the prices for your account. You can also contact us about samples; our sample pack will provide pricing information within the package.
  • Discounts for volume?

    Yes, depending on your volume, there will be discounts applied to your orders. We hope your business grows and as you do, so do we. We want to offer you better terms for that continued growth and business. The discount schedule can be found on the wholesale site once your account is made.