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RWANDA / 1lb

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Country: Rwanda
Region: Rubavu, Nyamyumba
Varietal: Bourbon
Farm: 1,410 Smallholder Farmers
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,500 - 2,000 MASL
Cupping Notes: Apricot, Earl Grey, Brown Sugar, Lemon

Description: The Nyamyumba washing station, built in 2006, sits high up in the mountains of the Gishwati Forest National Park, along the hills of the Congo Nile Trail. The coffee delivered to the Nyamyumba Station is grown in nutrient-rich volcanic clay soils and cooperative members selectively handpick only ripe cherry. Once received by the station, coffees are floated and hand sorted to remove any visible defects of low-density beans. After this first stage of sorting, the cherry is depulped and then fermented in water for 24 hours, cleaned off, and then soaked for another 20 hours that the station says improves the quality and shelf life of their coffee. Nyamyumba hand sorts coffee another time after the parchment is pulled out from the water, and then laid out to sun dry on raised beds.

All of these quality-focused steps that Nyamyumba takes shows when you taste this coffee. It’s got everything you could ask for out an African Washed coffee with acidity of stone fruit, we got Apricot to be exact, bright notes of Lemon and Hibiscus, and had a sweet finish like Brown Sugar sweetened Earl Grey Tea.

RWANDA / 1lb

RWANDA / 1lb